Study Links Depression to General Awareness


A new study has found that people who live in a semi or fully conscious state are significantly more likely to develop chronic depression.

 “This 3-year study found subjects who ‘watched the news,’ had ‘conversations with other human beings,’ and were ‘generally aware of their surroundings’ were 88% more likely to become severely depressed,” said Ida Neerd, head of research and analysis.

This mental health study was funded by ProChem Pharmaceuticals in an effort to greater understand the disease as well as what can be done to advance treatment options. A new pill called Nofux is already in preliminary development stages, with testing expected to begin as early as this month.

“We like to think of Nofux as the mental equivalent of a sensory deprivation chamber. It blocks receptors to any and all external stimuli, effectively desensitizing the patient to any possibility of empathy or understanding,” said Neerd.

The study follows similar research published earlier this year by Prizier Pharmaceuticals, which was the first to find a correlation between chronic depression and Facebook use, specifically among test subjects who read the comment sections.