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  • Study Links Depression to General Awareness


    A new study has found that people who live in a semi or fully conscious state are significantly more likely to develop chronic depression.  “This 3-year study found subjects who ‘watched the news,’ had ‘conversations with other human beings,’ and were ‘generally aware of their surroundings’ were 88% more likely to become severely depressed,” said […]

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  • 5 Ways Making Mom Friends Is the Worst

    5 Ways Making Mom Friends Is The Worst

    Every mom needs a support network of mom friends. Moms don’t freak out when you tell them about the gross things your kids do. Like when the baby finger-paints the nursery with their feces. Mom friends are more likely to understand, empathize, provide an embarrassing poop anecdote of their own, and maybe recommend a good […]

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  • How to Clean Your House (with Kids) in 40 Easy Steps

    How to Clean Your House with Kids in 40 Easy Steps

    1. Start by sorting one of your many baskets of clothes. 2. Make a pile of clothing for each member of your household. 3. Watch as toddler puts the empty basket over his head, running around the living room pretending to be a ghost. 4. Attempt to retrieve clothes basket from toddler without causing a […]

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  • 10 Things All Parents Want Non-Parents to Know

    10 Things All Parents Want Non-Parents to Know

    We’ve all been there. You see a child throwing a tantrum in the supermarket or at a restaurant and think: “When I have kids, I will NEVER let them act like that.” Comedian Louis C.K. has a great bit on how becoming a parent changes our perspective: I never never never judge other parents now. […]