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  • Facebook User Sees Joke She Disagrees With, Miraculously Keeps Scrolling

    Facebook User Sees Joke She Disagrees With, Miraculously Keeps Scrolling

    By Crystal Lowery of Creepy Ginger Kid & Joanna McClanahan of Ramblin’ Mama Local resident Pearl Klutcher is being hailed as a hero after declining to comment on a joke she considered to be distasteful. “Ugh, it was awful,” Klutcher recounted. “I was just sitting and scrolling, minding my own business, when I saw the meme. It […]

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  • Please Stop Posting About Politics on Your Parenting Page

    First things first, this IS a parenting page, right? I come here to LAUGH (and for the wine and yoga pants memes, obvi), not to be subjected to political posts. This site should be about RAISING CHILDREN, not about the well-being of the country or the future they will inherit. I’m totally serious; for some […]

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  • Code Names for Your Tampons So He’ll Never Know You’re Menstruating

    Code Names for Your Tampons So He'll Never Know You're Menstruating

    As if being a woman weren’t hard enough, we have to cope with our monthly curse of shame. (Thanks for nothing, Eve!) And, assuming you don’t want him to leave you out of disgust, you’re probably always looking for ways to hide it from the man in your life. What to do when you need […]

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  • Husbands Who Do Dishes Get More BJs, Says Science

    Husbands Who Do Dishes Get More Blowjobs, Says Science

    A recent study revealed that married men who help around the house are more likely to receive consistent oral gratification from their partners. As Dan Steele, a representative for HEADD (Husbands Enduring Affection Deficit Disorder), said, “The findings are staggering.” A breakdown of the HEADD-sponsored study includes the following findings: – Husbands who help with […]

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  • Study Links Depression to General Awareness


    A new study has found that people who live in a semi or fully conscious state are significantly more likely to develop chronic depression.  “This 3-year study found subjects who ‘watched the news,’ had ‘conversations with other human beings,’ and were ‘generally aware of their surroundings’ were 88% more likely to become severely depressed,” said […]