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  • What a Good Eater! English Muffin Pizzas Recipe and Review

    English Muffin Pizzas!

    I love cooking, but cooking with my kids is always…interesting. I can pin food for hours on Pinterest that looks amazing, but it’s hard to find recipes that are quick and easy. Let alone food that is FUN to make that my kids will ACTUALLY EAT. My friend Ali is the co-author of a new […]

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  • The Dreaded FUPA and Other Post-Baby Body Weirdness

    The Dreaded FUPA and Other Post-Baby Body Weirdness

    I knew that pregnancy would put my body through a lot of changes (read: some really weird shit). Growing a human takes a lot of work – it makes sense that pregnant people are a mess. What I wasn’t prepared for were all the strange things that happened to my body after the baby. Here is […]

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  • 5 Ways Making Mom Friends Is the Worst

    5 Ways Making Mom Friends Is The Worst

    Every mom needs a support network of mom friends. Moms don’t freak out when you tell them about the gross things your kids do. Like when the baby finger-paints the nursery with their feces. Mom friends are more likely to understand, empathize, provide an embarrassing poop anecdote of their own, and maybe recommend a good […]

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  • How to Clean Your House (with Kids) in 40 Easy Steps

    How to Clean Your House with Kids in 40 Easy Steps

    1. Start by sorting one of your many baskets of clothes. 2. Make a pile of clothing for each member of your household. 3. Watch as toddler puts the empty basket over his head, running around the living room pretending to be a ghost. 4. Attempt to retrieve clothes basket from toddler without causing a […]